Pinks Parlour Children's Party Gelato Making Experience 

Guests will be welcomed into the ice cream lab where all our gelato is made by hand.

The birthday person will choose a flavour of their choice to make in our ice cream lab!

All guests will become gelato chef’s in training, all wearing a Pink’s Parlour apron and helping Mrs Whippy make some of our high quality Artisan Gelato!

After, all guests will be shown into the Parlour to look at our delicious ice cream cabinet and choose 2 flavours of their choice so they can make their very own ice cream sundae!

Guests will then have chance to eat their sundaes and also take one of our 800ml take home tubs of the birthday person’s chosen Gelato flavour home with them!

£18.99 per person

price includes a 800ml take home tub of Gelato and a 2-scoop ice cream sundae per guest!

Duration: 60 minutes

The party must be a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 10.

All places are secured when payment is made.

For more info,

please contact Hollee on hello@pinksparlour.co.uk



 Enjoy a Visit from the

Pinks Ice Cream Van!

Take the party home with you with a visit from Mrs Whippy in one of the Pinks Vintage ice cream vans!

Become a Mr/Mrs Whippy in training when you step inside the van and practice pulling your very own 99 for you and your friends!

For more info,

please contact Katy on katy@pinks-vintage-icecream.co.uk



Endulge in a Celebration Sundae

from Pinks Parlour!

This sundae of epic proportions is reserved only for the most special of occasions!

Enjoy lashings of salted caramel and chocolate sauce poured over two scoops of vanilla and two scoops of chocolate artisan gelato made freshly here on our premises. Crushed Oreo and brownie pieces are layered through this luxurious treat. All topped with whipped cream, sprinkles, a flake, wafer disc a Tunnock's tea cake and a sparkler!